Saturday, October 16, 2010

Name Card for Hospital

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great summer and are enjoying Fall.

The baby is due any day now so we are all on "Baby Watch".

I never knew that you could create your own Name Card for the babies nursery bin but Jodi (Kharmagirl) said that a lot of them had them when she just had her baby.

I decided to make one for Tyler, it will be a great keepsake. I already had this image stamped and colored, just never got around to making a card for it but obviously it was fate that I use it for Tyler. I think it came out very cute and I stamped the back with "Hand Stamped By Mommy". Once the baby comes I will upload pics and maybe just maybe finish a card by Christmas :)! I have been spending time working on his scrapbook so that's made me feel crafty.


  1. This is TOTALLY adorable Dinsie! This will be SO cute in his isolette!!!

  2. Dina!!! This is a WONDERFUL keepsake!!!!!!!!! He will be the envie of all the other babies!!!