Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hi Stamping Buddies!!

Hi everyone!

I have been MIA the past week, I have just been really busy at home, got Jury Duty yesterday and so on and so on. But anywhoo, just wanted to extend a hello, I'm hoping to get stamping tonight! I did get some new digitals that I was able to get colored over the weekend so perhaps I can get a card or two done with them! Also I went to the NY Stamp show on Saturday with Jodi Collins and Ann Kranitz, we had a blast. Also Jodi introduced us to Danielle Kennedy who she bumped into. I have put a new addition to my blog, Twilight Quote of the Day! With the approach of New Moon, ahhhhhhh so excited, I wanted to add this fun feature to keep us all inspired so remember to check back and see if your favorite gets put up. Hope you all have a great Tuesday, as usual I look forward to seeing everyone creations and hopefully I can get a few done myself this week!!


  1. LOVE that quote, Dina!! Makes me all verklempt!!

  2. that is CRAZY! I was JUST thinking about that quote! LOVE it Dinsie!!