Friday, November 13, 2009

Official New Moon Countdown

Ok ladies with New Moon arriving in just 7 days I have decided that the Quote of the Day will consist of quotes from New Moon only and in chronological order, for a little more suspense, until the official release on November 20th. I hope you all enjoy and remember to check back each day for a new little goodie!!!

For today's quote I skipped right to Chapter 2 and it takes place during the conversation between Carlise and Bella while he is stitching her up. They are discussing their views on her becoming a Vampire and if the situation was reversed would Bella be able to take Edwards soul as she is basically asking him to do to her as well as Carlisle's deep faith that there is an afterlife for them even if it is not the traditional one humans have. I have just started New Moon again for the 3rd time but I have always enjoyed exchanges between Carlise and Bella, I feel such a strong connection between them. Let me know what you think!


  1. lol - I'm on Breaking Dawn right now. I agree Carlisle and Bella have almost a better connection than Charlie and Bella. Look forward to seeing the movie too.

  2. EEP!!! Only 7 days!!! I LOVE the relationship between Carlisle and Bella!!!

  3. This always makes me cry! Perfect choice to start the countdown Dinsie!!